Was my birthday dinner better than yours? Possibly. Did you spend yours with good friends and Shinsei? Well, let’s just say I’m a lucky girl, and also let’s not talk about how old I am. Oh. And let’s start with dessert, shall we?


dessert at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

Banana pudding goodness. Four spoons.

I’m not entirely sure if the waitress thought we were serious when I told her I wanted everything on the menu at Shinsei, but I certainly was. Fortunately for everyone involved, my Food Bastard husband knew better though, and he managed to restrain me somewhat.

mains at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

We ordered a few apps, some sushi, some other raw dishes and a few mains to share. Over all, the night was lovely, from drinks to dessert. Shinsei is one of those Dallas institutions, y’all. It’s a dimly-lit, gorgeous place with a large menu and bold flavors. You’ll want to try everything and it’ll take you a few trips back to do so. I’m happy to go back and pick up right where I left off.

Shinsei has recently recruited a new executive chef, Carlos Capistran, most recently from Eddie V’s in Austin. This background makes sense as that small chain is heavily Asian-influenced and high-end.

sushi rolls at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

Perfectly fresh sushi is life to me. I could eat it every day. And that’s why I’m so glad to have found another gem in Shinsei to get my sushi fix.

sushi at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

sushi at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

sushi at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

app at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

raw dishes at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

Also, let me just note right here that lychee martinis were basically made for me. I stop reading the menu when I see the word “lychee.” I know. I’m such a little bitch when it comes to drinks. It’s totally true. I’ve accepted it. But either way, this little guy was damn delicious.

drinks at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

Cheers to another year of fine dining, friends and fabulous food! Thanks for being part of my delicious celebration, Shinsei!

interior at Shinsei, photo by foodbitch

SHINSEI // 7713 Inwood Road //

DISCLAIMER: The folks at Shinsei comped half our bill at the end of the meal. This type of comping behavior does NOT guarantee a positive review or even a review at all. However, as I did very much enjoy my meal at Shinsei, I would be happy to return (hello happy hour!) and snag another round of sushi and lychee martinis for sure, on my own dime, any time.

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