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And it’s coming soon to Lakewood.

Perhaps you’ve had shaved ice, water ice, or even a sno cone with a house-made, organic flavors poured on top. But you probably haven’t had anything like Snowbaby. Let’s start with the inspiration behind it. Creator Chrissy Kuo was working in the corporate world at IBM, but her innate entrepreneurial spirit was itching to get out; so she began looking for the right opportunity to spring into action. That’s when she came across Taiwanese shaved ice. It’s essentially a block of ice that a custom machine shaves into impossibly thin sheets of silky cold shaved ice. But Kuo took one look at the ingredients list and knew what she had to do. The actual product the ice block is made out of is “kind of gross.”

Ew. No thanks.

We’re talking artificial-this and can’t-pronounce-that. And being a mom, Kuo wanted to keep that type of stuff out of what her kids eat. So she fixed it. She started from scratch and worked to develop a cleaner version of the original Taiwanese shaved ice. And, not symbolically at all, nine months later she came up with her recipe for Snowbaby: milk, cream, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, cocoa, and other clean, natural, locally sourced ingredients to make her simply snowy flavors. Kuo describes Snowbaby as “ice cream and a sno cone having a baby.” It comes out with a texture of “flaky, light, freshly fallen snow.” Then she tops each bowl with toppings like strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples from the Dallas Farmers Market, local granola and more. There’s even a White Rock Coffee cold brew-flavored version, and a dairy-free coconut flavor.

Sign us up.

Kuo is currently in the process of signing a lease somewhere in the Lakewood area of East Dallas, with plans to open for business by October of this year. In the meantime, folks have two options for getting their tongues on the Snowbaby goods: at monthly popups in the Lakewood area or at private parties where Snowbaby is the featured frozen treat. The next Snowbaby popup is happening Saturday, June 24 at The Lot from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.


Snowbaby // location TBD //

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