Watch this space…

I know its been a while. Maybe if you just read this blog (who are you?) you thought I was dead. But I’m not! I am just working to make things better for me and especially for YOU.

Basically, new things are coming to this here blog! I’m redesigning, trying a new CMS (content management system, nerd alert) and it will be worth the wait!

I figured I’d give a little update though!

I’ve been doing foodbitch for ten years (WHAT.) and as more and more new foodies, bloggers and instabloggers show up on the scene in Dallas and everywhere else, I’m like “come on in, y’all! There’s plenty of food for us all to share.” I keep on keeping on, because of you guys, and because I get great feedback every day from folks who use my blog or Instagram page to inspire their next meal. It’s as simple as that!

So thank you.

And thanks for your patience.

Watch this space! I will definitely let you know when there’s more and better content to see.

For now, here are some tasty images to keep you company.

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