Hey, at least it’s not a unicorn.

(They have those too)

Sweet Daze has Instagram culture on lock. I felt a little basic instagramming my donut up against the neon sign that says “sweet daze ahead” until I remembered that’s what every other person there was doing too. The actual donuts are just glazed and they come in daily from a nearby shop, so they’re nothing super special tastewise, it’s the icing magicians at Sweet Daze that make them out-of-this-world gorgeous. And you’re doing it for the ‘gram anyway so what do you care what it tastes like?

To me, the real star of the Sweet Daze show is the soft serve. In a rainbow of colors (lilac, blue, pink and gray) and flavored  with real ingredients the team works hard to make — like peeling tons of purple yams — this is the stuff worthy of the gram and actual taste enjoyment.

The Black Velvet flavor, made gray with uber-trendy activated charcoal, tastes like red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. It’s lovely.

For the boba lovers, there’s also plenty of tapioca balls in tons of flavors and alllllll the Asian drinks you can want, from milk tea to matcha. Go crazy.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, here’s my insta story from yesterday’s visit:

Sweet Daze Dessert Bar // 581 W. Campbell Road //

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