Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.21.15 PMLASH, Minibar and Drizly. These are ways to get alcohol delivered to your doorstep while you sit on your lazy ass. But wait, there’s more! Klink is here and it wants to give you a six-pack of Blood and Honey for six cents on Monday. Not bad for an attention-grabber. I think that’s worth an interview, so here goes:

What would you say makes YOU different from (and better than) the others?

Ah yes, the others. The others like to refer to themselves as “liquor-store-to-your-door” services. This means their core mission is simply to move a product from a shelf to you … which makes this an easy question to answer.

Klink is better because we stand for more than that.

We take the customer’s experience seriously and always look for an opportunity to bring a little more than just drinks to doorsteps. For us, it’s about having fun and helping to create great experiences. In other markets we’ve been known to send everything from private mixologists … to beer & BBQ sandwich pairings … to alcohol-infused cupcakes along with orders.  Customers love it and so do we.

Maintaining a local flavor is important to us as well. Take our launch promo in Dallas, for example. We’re delivering six-packs of Revolver Brewing’s Blood & Honey to Dallas doorsteps for just $0.06 this Saturday. We could have done this promotion with any product — but we deliberately chose to promote a locally-made favorite. Anything we can do to support the local culture is paramount … whether it be spotlighting a local mixologist or spreading the word about amazing local products. I’m sure you’ll run into us at plenty of Dallas beer and wine festivals.

How does your system work?

Here’s how Klink works:

Customers go to or download the Klink Delivery app for iOS or Android.

Then they just choose their drinks, pay with a card and answer the doorbell in 20-40 minutes.

We’ll send you a text message with a tracking link so you can see exactly where your order is. No surprises.

That’s it.

Behind the scenes, Klink partners with local vendors who provide the beer, wine and spirits. When an order is placed, a store in our network of retailers dispatches a trained driver to complete the delivery.

How did your company come about?

We were university students who were sick of seeing people leave parties to get more beer. It was dangerous, horrible inconvenient and all-too-common. We saw an opportunity and decided to do something about it.

At this time there wasn’t any precedent in this space, so we weren’t sure if our idea was even legally possible. After about a year’s-worth of legal homework, planning and developing, we launched the platform in 2013 — all of were us still full-time students.

Our launch success demonstrated that our idea was much bigger than late-night beer runs. So we sharpened our platform and pioneered on-demand beer, wine and spirits in major markets like D.C. and Miami.  


Who are your founders and what’s their backstory?

Jeff Nadel (CEO) and Craig Bolz (COO) have known each other since preschool and have been scheming business ventures together since high school. Craig and I (Geoff Castillo) were roommates during our time at UCF.

Jeff led the executive side of things and became an expert on the legal and regulatory implications of what we were doing, Craig had operations and finance knowledge, and I had experience in design and branding. The three of us developed the concept and launched the initial platform in 2013. Nicholas Bowers (CTO) joined the core team shortly thereafter and rounded off the dynamic with his technical abilities (and love for pumpkin spice lattes).

We were just a group of students who saw a better way to do something. We worked around the clock and pooled our limited resources to make it all happen.


How does your inventory work?

Our platform allows customers to order beer, wine, spirits, mixers, etc. All the items listed on Klink reflect inventories from our local partner vendors. We list the products and prices exactly as they appear in the stores from which we source. No prices are ever marked up.

If there’s a drink you love that doesn’t happen to be listed on our platform, let us know and we’ll work with our partners to try to make it available for you.

Hosts regularly contact us with questions about which drinks we recommend and how much they should purchase for a particular event. We love working with people to make sure they’re getting the perfect drinks for their occasion. Just contact us and we’ll help you make it perfect.


What one thing would you want the people of Dallas to know about Klink?

We’re excited to finally be in Dallas! Klink has been receiving consistent requests to launch here for at least the last year and a half. We love this city and already have several fun promotions and events planned for customers — so keep your eyes peeled and get in on them. Thanks for the warm welcome so far and for all the orders that have been rolling in even before our official launch this Saturday.

(Did I mention that we’re delivering six packs of an awesome local beer for just $0.06 this Saturday? I definitely mentioned it. But here it is again just in case someone missed it.)

Contact or (877) 236-4041 with questions, or just to say hello!


Here’s how to get a six-pack of Revolver Blood & Honey for six cents: Be 21 or older with a valid ID. Then go to or download the Klink Delivery app for iOS or Android. Find the $0.06 pack of beer and add to the cart along with any other products from Klink’s inventory. There is a limit of one discounted six-pack per customer. Klink has a $15 order minimum and no delivery fee.

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