OX salt and straw collaboration ice cream, photo by foodbitch
OX/Salt and Straw collaboration: foie gras ice cream, photo by foodbitch

Foodbitch’s Top 5 Reasons to FEAST in Portland –
this September, or any time.

I’m heading to FEAST Portland in September as a member of the media and to say I’m excited is an understatement. Here’s why.

5. The chef collabs.

Portland chefs and restaurants in Portland have a collaborative attitude that is so fun to see, and it’s even more delicious to get to be on the receiving end. From donuts to ice cream and everything in between, the restaurants in this town love making sweet, sweet deliciousness together. It’s a spirit of collaboration over competition that I really admire and think other cities would do well to imitate.

4. The best little big fest.

FEAST Portland is like Austin Food & Wine, NYF&W and the like, but… more Portland-y. Smaller for sure, and with fewer big-name celebrity chefs than some of the big guys, but that’s okay, because attendees get a chance to really dig in and learn, taste and get a front row seat to see some up-and-coming chefs from the Pacific Northwest who are doing things the whole world will soon be scoping out, if they’re not already. That goes for the city during the festival, or anytime. Portland is a foodie town, period.

Multnomah Falls, photo by foodbitch
Multnomah Falls, photo by foodbitch

3. The weather!

So, I love me some Austin, Texas. But Austin is HOT and the weather is unpredictable. I mean, Austin Food & Wine rained out completely this year! The sadness was felt throughout the internet. But Portland rain is like, cute. It’s more like a mist. So if it rains, let it rain. It’ll be in the high 70s and beautiful because Portland.

Kenny and Zukes pastrami fries, photo by foodbitch
Kenny and Zukes pastrami fries, photo by foodbitch

2. Portland is beautiful.

I always say eating is all about the experience and not just about the food itself, and what better ambiance than beautiful weather (see above), along with the epic scenery of the Pacific Northwest? Mountains, forestry, water, hippies–Portland has ’em all!

1. Portland is effing DELICIOUS.

Like, really delicious. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Portland several times in the past few years, and I have loved every minute of it. The chefs in Portland are pushing the envelope and doing awesome things. If you can get to Portland (ahem–FEAST Portland is coming up–ahem), I highly recommend it. Now is the time to eat the hell out of Portland, ya’ll.


Learn more about FEAST Portland at

Oh, and you can follow all the other FEAST Portland social things, too. On Twitter (@FeastPDX), Instagram (@FeastPortland), Facebook, and Snapchat.

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