Sometimes it’s nice to be foodbitch. Okay, usually it’s pretty nice, but sometimes, in addition to just eating delicious food items all the time (because I am an excellent orderer with great taste), and only sometimes, I get to eat delicious food items for free. Tonight was one of those nights. Here are photos of some tasty (and yes, comped) food and drink items at Del Frisco’s Grille on McKinney Avenue. Del Frisco’s Grille opens tomorrow night.


The signage outside floods McKinney in yellow and orange light, clearly intended to grab the attention of passersby.

Let’s start with some cocktails.


I’ll have a hot one: This was the Uptown Hottie with mango, jalapeno, rum and lime. It was my favorite drink we tried all night, and it definitely had a kick. This Uptown Hottie was wearing heels! Okay, no more bad jokes.


This was a surprise. Here’s the Kilt Lifter, made from Hendrick’s Gin, St. Germaine, Lemon and a splash of Tabasco. As I’m no fan of St. Germaine, all I’ll say is this cocktail far better than it sounds.


The sweet one, The VIP, was a flirty little thing made with SVEDKA Clementine Vodka and pineapple juice. See, it’s the fruit that makes it healthy, technically.

Time for the appetizer round.


Ahi Tuna Tacos won outright. Bonus points for making our server “feel like a giant” while eating them.


The Sesame Ponzo Sauce accompanying our Asian Chicken Dumplings had a strong orange spike that I really liked.


These Pimento Cheese Fritters edged ahead of the ones at SMOKE (at least in my book) due to their accompanying spicy ranch dipping sauce.


More drinks! This sweet, sweet (not that there’s anything wrong with that) cocktail made from muddled strawberries, Tito’s, simple syrup, lemon sour and a bit of balsamic was called the Apt. 50. Also healthy, obviously.


Then we tried this award-winning Caesar. I’m a fan.

Let’s eat some more, shall we?




The cutest condiment contender, AKA the Shaved Prime Steak Sandwich came with a simply adorabletiny squeeze bottle of ketchup. The sandwich was messy, but tasty.


The scene-stealer: The Bay of Fundy Salmon (my entree of choice) was served with a really delicious citrus sauce and an arugula-citrus salad. It was a great flavor combo, and the fish was cooked perfectly medium rare (per my request).


We’ll call this the French foreign film category. Sole Francese with lump crab and arugula-cherry tomato salad.


This is a steak house, yes? Yes. Exhibit A: A steaky, but shaky filet with Oscar sauce and asparagus.


Best supporting role: A really strong side of mushrooms.


Gristmill Lobster Grits. Eat them quickly before they cool and become lobster-spiked cement.

Time for the dessert category. Oh you have four of them? Yup. We’ll have that.


The prize winner: Award-winning lemon layer cake with buttercream frosting.


The tablestakes: Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.


The winner: Nutella bread pudding with coffee ice cream. While daintily tasting this, I may have gone into a bit of a white-hot eating frenzy. I, also, may have stabbed my fellow diners with my fork as they innocently tried to sample it. If so, I apologize. This was my favorite dessert, needless to say.


The close second: Coconut cream pie was really fantastic too. If height = deliciousness, then the whipped cream/white chocolate shavings tower/cone made this guy a serious contender. But seriously, it was really, really creamy-coconut-y good.


Some quick interior shots. Love the open kitchen space because I clearly am a food voyeur. I like to watch. So much mis en place! Ahh!


Here’s a view of the bar and restaurant downstairs.


Upstairs there’s another bar, more seating and sweet patio access.


OH, and the best-looking outdoor heaters in town. Hotness.

Like Private | Social, Del Frisco’s Grill is slated to become a douchepocolypse. Maybe even more quickly. Get there soon and eat some things.

The down and dirty: Prices range between $7 and $10 for apps, you can score some flatbreads for $11-14. Small salads are between $7 and $14, with meal-sized ones weighing in at $16 and $18. Mains will run you between $14 for a burger all the waaaaaay up to $39 for a 16 oz. ribeye. Drinks are $10 each.


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