Things are changing at Central 214. Not the big, big change everyone’s looking forward to this summer, but a menu update for the spring season. I know this because the talented and local-passionate Chef Graham Dodds gave me a full NINE courses of it to try. 


fava bean toast with balsamic olives make a bright introduction to spring.


popcorn sweetbreads with lime zest and butter are more than indulgent.


the BLT salad came topped with beef bacon, peppercorn dressing and sourdough crumbs.


vegetarians, and anyone, really, would love these handmade trompetti with english peas, artichokes, castelfranco and burrata.


hay roasted lamb gets the duck breast treatment with sprouted farro, cucumber and piquillo sauce.


the louisiana red fish was our favorite dish of the night; its meatiness was to die for with spinach and grenobloise.


goat brisket, eh? everything Dodds touches is pretty darn exceptional, and this was no exception.


When I couldn’t eat another thing, it was time for dessert. First the buttermilk panna cotta.


And then a blueberry cobbler with fresh cream.


NOTE: in case it wasn’t clear from the #VIPeek note in the title, this dinner was free. I did tip heftily though; I’m not some sort of asshole.

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