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A few weeks ago, I got a press release touting Five Sixty’s new Dim Sum Brunch. Now, as a person who eats neither pork nor shrimp, dim sum can be a sad concept, usually yielding very few options. Every time I attempt to participate in this celebrated Asian meal I either accidentally eat something I shouldn’t, or I leave hungry. Sigh.

But a closer look at that modernized dim sum menu at Five Sixty made my afternoon. Between vegetarian options, chicken and beef selections, there would be plenty for me to enjoy at this new brunch. And then I was invited to come in and sample some of the items. I know, I know. Lucky bitch.

A few other media folks and I sat down to taste some of the items on the new menu. I couldn’t try them all, but I certainly left satisfied. And vowing to come back and try the brunch on my own dime. FYI: Each item is $7.50 a la carte, or you can order five tastes for $32 or eight for $42.

Executive Chef Patton Robertson told us about each item, and he introduced his sous chef, sushi chef, GM and cocktail guy. Chef Robertson said he had been “let out of the box” in his creation of this menu, and he was proud of its casual, yet upscale feel. The items are nicer than your standard dim sum, but without being stuffy. The brunch is designed so that the items come out hot, as diners order, but in a rhythm that keeps the tables from becoming cluttered.

How ’bout we take a look?

Wok Fired Shrimp Dumplings
Wok Fired Shrimp Dumplings
Crystal Chive Dumplings
Crystal Chive Dumplings with Kurobuta Pork and King Crab
Chinese Sausage Fried Rice
Chinese Sausage Fried Rice with egg, scallion and bell pepper
"Bacon & Eggs:" Glazed Pork Belly with quail eggs
“Bacon & Eggs:” Glazed Pork Belly with quail eggs and ginger licorice honey
Wild Mushroom Fried Rice
Wild Mushroom Fried Rice with a sunny side up egg and scallions
Lobster & Shrimp Spring Roll
Lobster & Shrimp Spring Roll with honey-ten spice dipping sauce (Pork Belly in background)
XO Scallops
XO Scallops with chiles and crisp green vegetables
Szechuan "Dan Dan" Dumplings
Szechuan “Dan Dan” Dumplings with organic chicken and peanut sauce
spring rolls and dumplings
Our elegantly plated tastes included the spring rolls and three kinds of dumplings
The hero shots
The hero shots — only a third of the whole dim sum menu

Again, I couldn’t try everything we were served today, but what I did taste was excellent. The Wild Mushroom Fried Rice (complete with delightfully runny sunny side up egg), “Dan Dan” Dumplings (with a spicy peanut sauce) and the crisp, saucy vegetables that accompany the XO scallops were enough to make me want to come back soon for more.

Oh and I almost forgot about the cocktails! They are $9 (not too steep for fine dining) and include three different kinds of bloody marys, a mango mimosa and lemon tea with fresh mint that sounds incredible. There are also some notable sweet items on the dim sum menu that I would happily order: mango custard and a yuzu cheesecake brûlée. Also of note for me: shanghai noodles with chili and braised oxtail (!), duck Bao buns (le quack!), General Tso’s Quail, and a Texas benedict with brisket and a poached egg. Like I said, plenty for a non-pork eater to enjoy. There, I’ve already named enough for the humungous 8 course tasting. Hallelujah, dim sum is back.

Right now brunch service is on Sundays only, but the chef let us know they’ll be adding Saturdays soon.

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DISCLAIMER: In case it wasn’t obvious enough, this media lunch was free to all invited. I paid for valet, so I made off like a bandit. That being said, if I hadn’t liked something, I sure as hell would have said so. Nobody buys kind words from this bitch. 

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