Breaking news: Pinkberry is delicious.

Seriously though, the folks at Pinkberry know what they’re doing, and I’m not just saying that because they keep inviting me over to sample their special new recipes. This isn’t rocket science. You put good quality, tasty toppings on some Pinkberry and BAM–it’s fantastic.

The new flavor is Chocolate Hazelnut, and while I’m sticking to Chocolate as my all-time, tastes-like-a-fudgesicle favorite, this one is a serious contender due to its lightness. And it’s not too sweet, so unlike with Chocolate, you might be able to convince yourself that you can have it for lunch. With fruit, obviously.

Try one of their recipes above or create your own – you’ll see it’s not hard at all to make something delicious. My favorites from today were the Classic and the Trio. I mean, hello! The flavor is modeled after NUTELLA and they serve NUTELLA as a topping. Get. You. Some.

TRANSPARENCY ALERT: The Pinkberry samples I tried today were FREE! But believe me, if they’d sucked, I’d have let you know.

Now onto the FroYo Porn!

Chocolate Hazelnut Classic:



Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence:



Chocolate Hazelnut Trio:



Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch:



Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle:



A quick story:
Last time I brought Pinkberry back to the office to share with a few select coworkers, I reserved one little waffle sandwich for myself, placing it in the freezer. Well, someone effing took it. So this time, I left a note. If my coworkers know anything, it’s not to eff with my food. Grrrrr.

Don’t eff with my Pinkberry.

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