Sushi Axiom invited me and some other food/media types to a private dinner to check out what’s been happening at the place. Notable changes include new ownership, fusion-type menu additions from a chef formerly of Nobu and a new space that’s oh-so-sexy. We drank some really sweet cocktails (strawberry/mint, skinny orange and a bubblegum concoction that I politely refused). Then we were led through the new loungey strip of restaurant to a private dining spot.

We were presented with two different salads, one a traditional ginger salad with avocado and the other a seafood feast with a swirl of octupus on top. We tried crab rangoons and beef satay. We sampled simple fatty and cajun-spiced tuna sushi.

Then they brought the sexy: a restaurant favorite, the first was topped with fried lobster sat next to a flaming cucumber slice. A phallus of fried shrimp poked out of a seaweed-less roll filled with imitation crab (or krab with a “k”.) And a beautiful plate with bundle after bundle of tuna-wrapped california roll dotted with spicy mayo. After that, we were presented with some pad thai, which while beautiful in presentation, lacked authentic Thai flavor. At the end of the meal, we were served mochi with whipped cream.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak a little bit about the concept of sexy sushi.

Sexy sushi is like sexy dentists. You know the type: MINT, FLOSS, DRILL (okay, I made that one up). The dentist himself is probably a hottie, and if you can’t stand to be normal that one day per year that you head to the tooth doc, that’s the dentist for you. Sexy sushi is sushi that’s got a lot of smoke and mirrors and blue lights and fancy dranks and hotties in short skirts and whatnot. Its got fried this and lit-on-fire that and beautiful presentation. But to me, what’s sexy about sushi is how it can be simple and perfect. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is what I dream of eating. That’s why my favorite taste of the night was the simple salmon and cajun spiced tuna sushi pieces. I don’t want or need fancy. But that’s just me.

Sushi Axiom is sushi for those folks who require a sexy dentist. The food fine, but the ambiance is, like so fiiiiiiiine. Like early 90’s fine. If you’re into that, get your tight-skirt-wearing ass to Sushi Axiom, slide into their new sports-lounge-meets-Ghostbar-style booths and enjoy the eye candy.

Sushi Axiom | 2323 North Henderson | Dallas, TX 75206 | 214.828.2288 |


NOTE: This #VIPeek (media dinner) was free to me. 

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