It’s not that hot, y’all. Grow a pair. Just keep telling yourself it’s nothot until you believe it. Or until late September, whatever comes first.
Go to Sissy’s, where even their screened-in Southern-style porch is cool as all get out. They’ve got some new seasonal dishes for you to try, and they’re pretty fantastic.
I was invited in on a blistering, hot, warm “practically chilly” afternoon for a few quick snaps and a bite or two.

There are two new salads, the first of which features three varieties of beets (AKA Nature’s Candy), along with a menagerie of summery goodness that includes goat cheese, peaches, arugula, pecans and dill.

As if she knew the deep desires of my heart, Sissy’s owner Lisa Garza created a salad that celebrates tomatoes (the ultimate fruit of summer), buffalo mozzarella and freshly made basil. Be┬ástill, my tomato-loving heart!

A redfish entree makes an entrance on this new summer menu, topped with a crawfish-studded buerre blanc and accompanied by a sweet corn maque choux.

And not to be missed is the peach pie, topped with a biscuit that’s to-die-for and served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Of course. Thank goodness for chef Jeffery.

Get thee to Sissy’s and celebrate summer by ordering one or more of these items — along with a side of fried chicken. Trust me.


NOTE: This pre-launch sampling of the new menu items at Sissy’s was blissfully free to me. Just so you know.

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