This past Saturday night, two Dallasites got insane and headed to Cowtown to eat Italian food and feast on insane sundaes. Well, one insane sundae. I described this insane sundae as “click bait for your mouth and brain.” And I really think that’s it. It’s something that you’re looking at, like,wanting to double tap. WITH YOUR FACE. So, yeah, I’m thinking it’s worth the trip out to Ft. Worth. Especially when you can make a lovely little date night excursion out of it. Dinner, walking off the insane sundae calories (sure!) with a tour of Sundance Square, and a lovely ride back home to civilization, I mean Dallas. You might even see some big hair and cowboy boots while you’re out there. We saw horses!

We’ll get to the insane sundae in a moment (there are FIVE of them, by the way, one for every one of your stomach’s personalities, if you’re me), but first, let’s talk about VIVO 53 and the food there. Because even though they’ve got this gimicky insane sundae thing going on, the Italian food they’re tossing out is quite delicious on its own. Pizzas cooked in a beautiful, fiery oven (pictured below), pastas coming out steaming hot in personal-sized Le Creuset pots. Everything we tried was comforting and delicious, yet modern in its delivery. Take a look at our meal… and then we’ll get to the insanity.



Burrata with fresh bread, pesto, olive oil, roasted tomatoes and olives.


Perfection is a margherita pizza. I could have eaten two of these on my own but I knew what was in store so I held back.


Perfectly creamy tomato sauce kept steaming hot in this pot. Loved it.


Okay, okay NOW to the insanity. This is the Neapolitan INSANE SUNDAE. You can see why this is getting some attention. Neapolitan ice cream, chocolate shavings, whipped cream, Neapolitan taffy, lollipops, a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich and hot fudge all over. Not for the meek. Nope. It was a seriously fun dessert.

The other insane sundaes feature items like macarons, caramel apples and Nutella. Good luck choosing. I still second guess my choice and feel I should have gone with the caramel apple. Next time…


VIVO 53  //  525 Taylor St., Ft. Worth, TX  //



DISCLAIMER: I was invited to VIVO 53 for the express purposes of experiencing the glory and insanity of their insane sundae firsthand so I could share it with all of you. Happy to be of service! Thus, our visit was comped by the restaurant. Approx. cost of dinner: $75. Gratuity was left, as always. Because I’m a bitch, not an asshole. 

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