Facing the kitchen (where the magic happens) at Wabi House
Facing the kitchen (where the magic happens) at Wabi House

Wabi House opened on Greenville, just shy of Ross, so I headed right over because noodles. And raw fish. And cocktails.

But life’s short, right? Right. So here’s our dessert, first:

Black sesame creme brûlée. If you like sesame flavor, you will love this. The sesame is intensified by the sugar and caramelized and just wow.

Okay back to the top. Cocktail time.

This was the Geisha and it had mint and strawberries so I was sold. It was super sweet but I didn’t care because I’m a little girl sometimes when it comes to drinks. Plus, when you’re about to have vinegary, salty, garlicky Asian food, a little sweet is kinda nice to get you started.

I could probably have eaten the entire raw fish appetizer section three or four times over and been just fine with that and nothing else because these dishes were incredible. It would have gotten awfully expensive, however. So, it’s probably a good thing I just stuck with the two. For now. But this will be trouble, mark my words. Pictured above: the Hama Rayu. And below: the Wabi Tuna. Both were so flavorful, I couldn’t choose a favorite.


Corn fritters sound pretty run-of-the-mill, but these were different than any I’ve had. Sweeter and more addictive. Plus, balls are way more fun than boring little patties. Because BALLS.

Finally, we got around to eating some noodles. It’s a ramen spot, after all.

The Dry Garlic Ramen was intense with garlic flavor and the silky coating of egg just added to its richness. Don’t eat this on a date, unless you forgot to forget to shave your legs and you do NOT want to get slutty, if you catch my drift. Note that this dish normally comes with chasu (pork), but since I do not dig on swine I had the kitchen 86 it.
I will be back to Wabi House because it’s so much more than ramen. And that’s most definitely a good thing.

Wabi House  |  1802 Greenville Ave #100  |
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