Three plus stops, tons of trailers, too many bites, plenty of photos.


That sums it up, but the details are much, much more delicious. This past weekend was a good friend’s bachelorette party, so we went on down to Austin and instead of doing the all too predictable strip tease or pole dancing class thing, we decided to go bachelorogue and create our own Saturday fun: an Austin Food Trailer Tour. If you haven’t heard of the food trailer revolution, then I don’t really know what you’re doing reading my blog (is that you, Dad?). But just in case, there’s this new fad wherein tailer parks are not sad, degenerate homes but rather highly exhaulted small food purveyors that roll up and dole out tasty treasures that include everything from cakeballs on a stick to fried pickles. Their popularity has skyrocketed, and I have heard that recently Dallas has ruled in favor of allowing such a thing in my neck of the woods. Thrilled.

Anyway, on Saturday we began on South 1st Street at the Austin Trailer Park where Torchy’s and Holy Cacao were nestled among pretty trees, plenty of places to sit and a big blue sky. It was a bit windy but other than that it was the perfect day to engorge oneself. We started with tacos. As you can see from the photo we weren’t shy. Everything was ordered, from fried avocado (my personal favorite) to green chile pork. When we were done there was nothing left but crumpled foil and the intoxicating scent of salsas in the air. A quick stumble from Torchy’s is Holy Cacao, a cakeball-on-a-stick-focused establishment that also serves hot and cold chocolate drinks and shakes. I opted for the diablo: a dark chocolate and cayenne pepper cake ball with chocolate coating and cayenne dusted walnut topping. It was good. Hot, but good. I wanted to try them all, but my friends weren’t about to share and I get that. Good thing I’m headed back this weekend for SXSWi and I can get another chance to try a few more.

Next stop: the trailer-packed stretch on South Congress near all that shopping business. Our itinerary said we’d be enjoying Mighty Cone, and some of us did, but I had some serious trouble deciding. There was a Thai place, a BBQ place, a mini diner on wheels and the famous Hey Cupcake all there to tempt me and what remained vacant space in my stomach. I finally decided to share (shame) a vegetarian hot dog that sounded to intriguing to pass up. With its eggplant and red pepper base and the addition of fennel, I knew it would be something great. It was! The bun was suprisingly fantastic-tasting, different and a great complement to the veggie dog that needed no sauce to make it sing. I did however grab a cup of curry ketchup to check that out. Not bad at all. The only thing I didn’t like were the truffle fries that came with. I’m not a fan of truffle (I know, bad foodie!) but that’s the truth and I’m not ashamed to say it. I would have preferred the waffle fries un-truffled, but to each his own and when you’re sharing you have to compromise. At this stop I also sampled a friend’s slaw from their Mighty Cone, an EXCELLENT fried pickle (also from Mighty Cone) and a vanilla milkshake. All damn superb.

Then we gave our stomachs a rest by doing a little shopping on SoCo.

But before we knew it it was time to hit up the last two trailers on the tour. We knew when we got there it would be to-go. Half for dinner, half for post-drinky alcohol soppage at 3:00 a.m. the next morning. And we were so right.

This stop is where i found my favorite trailer: The Odd Duck Farm to Trailer. This one is different. Its menu changes daily, crafting gourmet dishes from locally available ingredients. What resulted, at least for me, were two tapas-style and tapas-priced items: a beet salad with feta, green apples and vinaigrette, and the winner of the day: parmesan grits with brussles sprouts, mushrooms and a perfectly cooked runny duck egg on top. This was heaven in a bowl. Don’t miss this trailer when you inevitably imitate this food tour. The other trailer at this stop was Gordough’s, a gourmet doughnut place in a shiny silver streamline. Unfortunately, I was told my Funky Monkey doughnut would take 40 minutes to make so I opted to try everyone else’s instead. Good call, actually. A friend’s banana pudding version was just as good, but I saved a few calories by not feasting on my own for once.

All in all, this food trailer tour was a fantastic idea and I’d recommend it to anyone with a stomach for exceptional eatings.


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