A Pimento Cheese Ball


The Fort Worth Avenue


The Skirt Steak


The Big Rib


The Cabrito: a “must try” in my opinion

Last night I had the opportunity to steer our client dinner in the direction of one of my favorite meateries, SMOKE in Oak Cliff. I started with a Fort Worth Avenue cocktail which was refreshing as hell with a kick of rum. We ordered the pork jowel and the pimento cheese balls for the table, and then I got feisty and ordered myself the cabrito, which is goat for you gringos. It was really, really fabulous. Goat is usually tough and a bit gamey, but this preparation, surrounded by a pillow of masa and some crisp vegetables and a creamy goat’s milk canella made that meat sing, sweetened by the addition of a green apple salsa verde. It was fantastic! Others enjoyed the duck tamale with duck egg (tasty, but the duck was hidden by the corn in the tamale), the big rib (always a fatty-delicious adventure), the pork chop, strip steak, sweetbreads and scallops. Everybody enjoyed, glasses clinked and everyone left smelling of sweet, sweet meat smoke.



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