Botolino Gelato by foodbitch

Paciugo should be shaking in its knock-off Italian boots.

Botolino Gelato just opened last week on Greenville Avenue, and since its owners won’t talk shit about the competition and the differences between them, I will. After all, that’s basically my job, right?

It’s not really even talking shit. Because Paciugo is super tasty. They offer tons of variety, and if you’d never had gelato made by a real¬†gelatiere, or like, actual Italian gelato maker, you might totally think it’s the best. While in contrast, Botolino Gelato, owned by local Tusc-Texan (yeah I just made that up), is a third generation gelatiere with an incredible passion for creating quality gelato that will quite simply ruin you for everything you think you liked before. Sorry, Paciugo.

Anyway, I wrote about Botolino over on Eater Dallas while they were still waiting on their new machine to come in, and then this week after the shop finally opened I wrote about it for Central Track. I went in last night, got a half-chocolate, half-white coffee and promptly died and went to gelato heaven. Gelato heaven is gorgeous by the way, all white and with beautiful brushed gold knobs, smooth Italian marble countertops and designer gelato storage, which I didn’t even know were a thing. You should go there, but be warned that Paciugo will taste like the McDonald’s of gelato to you after this stuff.


interior of botolino gelato by foodbitch



Botolino Gelato Artigianale // 2116 Greenville Avenue //

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