Date me in Deep Ellum: Idle Rye

My series continues with yet another killer spot for food and cocktails in Deep Ellum: Idle Rye. Extremely knowledgeable servers, a subtle, not trying-too-hard atmosphere and excellent drinks set the stage for awesome food to shine. I’d describe it as a modern gastropub, but with some worldly flavors thrown in to keep things interesting. Take a look, then take out your best girl or guy.

Start with cocktails. You won’t be disappointed. If you don’t know which to choose, ask for a recommendation from your server.

Perogies. Do it.


A BLT of sorts, with beef belly as the bacon. The flavors were fabulous, from top to bottom. Acid, peppery greens, chewy bread, salty, meaty beef bacon and a savory sauce.

Arrancini. Yes.


Truly great cocktails. It was tough to choose a favorite here. I think the Green Leaves Martini was it though.

And dessert, if there’s room. No room? Make some. This is a martini glass full of strawberry shortcake.

Thank you, Idle Rye!

Idle Rye // 2826 Elm Street //


DISCLAIMER: As I was invited in to try the restaurant in advance and share my experience on the blog, this dinner was comped by Idle Rye. As usual, a comped meal does not guarantee a positive review. In this case, Idle Rye deserves much praise for seriously everything the kitchen churned out. 


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