Date me in Deep Ellum! Take me to Niwa Japanese BBQ. Puh-lease!

This is going to be a new series. Because it needs to happen. Here’s why.

It’s not news that Deep Ellum is like, a THING now. It’s full of awesome stuff. Places to eat and drink and walls to take photos in front of surrounded by even more places to eat and drink. It’s experienced such a rebirth. It’s the perfect part of town to go if you’re looking for a place to take somebody on a date. And the fact that I happen to live like ten minutes from there is exciting and overwhelming all at once. There’s so many new spots to try yet so many places are becoming my faves. And on Saturday night I met a new one to add to the faves list: Niwa Japanese BBQ.

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Would you look at this hamachi crudo? Gorgeous. And the cocktails, Japanese whiskeys and sakes are off the chain. The staff there can guide you toward the perfect drink for you.

But the apps are only the beginning. They start your meal off right so you can practice a tiny bit of patience (or at least concentrate when you’re being told how long to leave your meats) on the grill.

Things started out saucy with these super-tasty edamame tossed in a delicious garlicky sauce.

These cocktails are gorgeous and so, so good. Get recommendations from your server like we did, and you won’t regret it.

My fave karaage is still at Top Knot, but these pickles and that garlicky aioli didn’t go unappreciated.

Now bring on the meats!

Short rib goodness.

Beef belly (beef bacon) is super thin so it cooks very quickly and tastes amazing.

A Wagyu sampler platter of sorts. $15-$47 depending on the cow/farm it came from.

This A-5 Japanese Wagyu Ny Strip is the seriously pricey stuff. It was one of the specials (along with the other meats on that platter above), and to be quite honest it wasn’t my absolute favorite. This surprised me because I tend to have expensive taste. But my favorite was the Colorado Wagyu eye of ribeye. Because I suppose I’m a ribeye gal now. There you have it!

Desserts are elegant and playful at Niwa. Raspberries and sugar laced with matcha decorate a pannacotta.

A semifreddo made from cheesecake is surrounded by graham crackers, lime curd and more. So refreshing!

It was a good night. Thanks to the folks at Niwa for taking such good care of us and feeding us all the meats and drinks.

And take note: Sake Sunday is happening certain Sundays (peep Niwa’s Facebook page for details) from 6:00-8:00, with sake tastings, food pairings and more for just $25.

Have a suggestion for a night out in Deep Ellum? Keep ’em coming.


Niwa Japanese BBQ // 2939 Main Street //


Disclaimer: I was invited in to experience all that is Niwa Japanese BBQ, and thus our meal was comped. That being said, the opinions shared here, as always, are my own. I’ll definitely be back on my own dime, though, because it was damn good and also fun AF.


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